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27Mhz FM 3Ch Transmitter/Receiver/Crystal

- 3Ch Transmitter/Receiver
- ABS braking
- Digital trims
- 10-model memory

Item no. : TBPG3BDU01
Price : USD $31.99

27Mhz FM 3Ch LCD Pistol Grip Style Transmitter
with 3Ch Receiver and Crystal 1Set

Pistol grip radio for fast boats and cars

Item no. TBPG3BDU01
Mega-control for your monster truck!
High-powered big rigs will perform even better with the high-tech advantage of the 3BDU-01 radio! Besides extraordinary control and response, the 3BDU-01 boasts incredibly easy access and programming of its many functions. Get the most out of your nitro crusher - match it up with the 3BDU-01 system, for computerized control at a surprisingly affordable price!
Check out the long list of features found on the 3BDU-01:
- High Response System (HRS) compatible
- Digital servos required
- Condition switch
- Alarm buzzer
- Alphanumeric LCD screen with high intensity blue LED monitor
- 10-model memory
- Model copy and clear functions
- Model naming
- ABS braking
- Brake mixing for large cars
- One-channel program mixing
- Steering and throttle exponential
- Servo reversing on all channels
- End Point Adjustment (EPA) for all channels
- Multi-function timer up/down with lap memory
- Steering dual rates
- Throttle ATL
- Digital trims
- Function select dial/switch
- Steering speed
- Charge jack for optional NiCds


Full Kit Weight : 450g

The Five switches surrounding the wheel are positioned for quick, no-look access while you're driving, and can be programmed for a variety of functions.
The four digital trims can be programmed for any one of seven functions:
Steering trim
Throttle trim
Steering dual rates
Throttle ATL
Steering exponential
This switch can be set up for:
Programmable mixing
3rd channel
The high-resolution LCD screen clearly displays all menus and functions.

3Ch FM Receiver S-07

S-07 Specifications :
Length :
Width : 27mm
Height : 16mm
Weight : 14g



27Mhz FM 3Ch Transmitter/Receiver/Crystal
Price : USD $31.99

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