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'A-10 Warthog' ARF Twin Ducted Fan Jet

Length : 872mm
Wingspan : 968mm
Weight : 450g (Body)
Power System : Twin Dutced Fan

Item no. : E3BTDFJ01
Price : USD $43.99

'A-10 Warthog' ARF Twin Ducted Fan Jet


'A-10 Warthog' ARF Twin Ducted Fan Jet

Features :
Terrific looking jet, all molded hollow foam construction,
pre-painted in matte finished camouflage colors.

Tremendous amount of
detail: full cockpit interior, scale landing gear for static display.

Two of our 56mm Ducted Fan units with two Brushless motors (not include) make the perfect power package for this jet, providing tremendous thrust for powerful flight performance.

Jet can be hand launched and landed on its belly; the main wheels extend below the airplane which protects the bottom.

This is a kit for the experienced modeler who enjoys building and flying scale models.


Description :
Length :

Weight :
450g (Body)

Description :
Wingspan :

Type :
ARF Plane

Power System : Twin Dutced Fan

Product includes :
- R/C 'A-10 Warthog ' x1Set
- Main Wing Accessory
- Elevator Accessory
- Spare parts x1
- Leading Wheel x1Set
Product not includes :
- Radio
- ESC Speed Controller
- Servo
- Battery and Charger
- Ducted Fan x2
- Motor x2
Here's comes out of the box!


'A-10 Warthog' ARF Twin Ducted Fan Jet
Price : USD $43.99

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