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'Messerschmitt Bf 109' ARF Scale Electric Model Plane

Length : 720mm
Width : 890mm
Weight : 450g (Body)

Item no. : E3BBF109M
Price : USD $38.99

'Messerschmitt Bf 109' ARF Scale Electric Model Plane

'Messerschmitt Bf 109' ARF Scale Electric Model Plane

Features :
Can be ready to fly in just hours, just install your motor and gearbox, three servos, radio and battery. It takes longer to apply the water slide decals than anything else in assembling this model. Wing is removable for transport and storage in its box. Hollow molded foam with a hardened surface to resist dings. Hard plastic where the model contacts the ground. Firewall is installed and ready for motor and gearbox. Easy access to batteries and radio under pre-installed hatch in front of canopy. Wing and elevator are semi-symmetrical so the model flies like a much larger model, smooth and responsive and capable of performing even in the wind. Hand launch is easy with a good grip area behind the wing.

* About the Messerschmitt Bf 109

890mm WingSpan

Description :
Length :


Weight :
450g (Body)

Width :

Type :
ARF Scale Electric Model Plane

Product includes :
- R/C 'Messerschmitt Bf 109' x1Set
- Main Wing Accessory
- Elevator Accessory
- Spare parts x1
- Propeller x3

Product not includes :
- Transmitter
- ESC Speed Controller
- Servo
- Battery and Charger

- 370A Brushed Motor x1
- Gear Box x1

Here's come out of the box!


'Messerschmitt Bf 109' ARF Scale Electric Model Plane
Price : USD $38.99

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