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068 KV5800 130 Inrunner Brushless Motor

RPMs per Voltage : 5800KV
Shaft Diameter : Ø2.0mm
Size : Ø23xL31mm
Weight : 45g / 1.5oz

Item no. : MBLMINKV5800
Price : USD $17.99

KV5800 130 Inrunner Brushless Motor
Suitable for RC Car, Boat and Air Plane
Heat Sink Can
Description :
 - RPMs per Voltage : 5800KV
 - Shaft Diameter : Ø2.0mm
 - Same as 370 Motor size : Ø23xL31mm
 - Heat Sink Can
 - Distance between mounted screws : 16mm
Motor Dimension :
 - Can Dimension : Ø23 x L31mm
 - Shaft Dimension : Ø2.0mm x L13mm M2.5 Screws
 - Weight : 45g / 1.5oz  
Motor Operation :  
 - Operating Voltage : 7.2V~12V (2s ~ 3s LiPo or 6s ~ 10s NiMH/NiCd)
 - Brushless ESC : 15A ~ 30A  

068 KV5800 130 Inrunner Brushless Motor
Price : USD $17.99

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